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Meet up somerset and wiltshire - 26 March 2016

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I would like to see if we can get people in somerset and Wiltshire. To set up a meet please get back to me if you are interested


Current attendee list is being maintained by @davest4s in post 43, here:


Info added to this first post by dbgrn:

From post 21 by @davest4s...

The Carrot Cruncher Cruise and Meet!!!

Okay, looking at where people are coming from it maybe easier to meet at the pub first as it is closer. The drive from the east over the mendips to the pub is great. The pub has a decent car park overlooked by the pub garden on the off chance we have some nice weather. Hmm oh well it is dry and warm in the pub :laugh:

The pub is called the Castle of Comfort, East Harptree.

Castle of Comfort East Harptree, Mendips

It is about 7 miles from the top of the gorge.

We could just meet up, stay and have lunch / drink and oh plenty of car talk :laugh:

If anybody is interested, we could go to Cheddar Gorge and back before or afterwards for a quick spin. Another option is a 20 mile round trip route I often take in the summer which is from the pub through Burrington Coombe (mini Cheddar Gorge), Churchill, Shipham, Cheddar, through the gorge back to the pub.

What do we think? Any other suggestions?
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Not so far from Dorset so could be up for it
Count me in (Chippenham, Wiltshire).

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Hi Mercedesrw, and welcome to SLKWorld from the UK Midlands! :)

If you manage to confirm a meet in the Somerset and Wiltshire area, I'll add your plans into the 2016 UK Meet Calendar. :D

If you want to find out about other planned UK meets, please just check the above link, or feel free follow the UK Region section for any other UK-specific updates.

Thanks, Dave
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and fyi, you need 15 posts before you can get back with anyone via private messaging

see my welcome post on that
Sounds a good idea, depending on when :smile:
Depending on the date, might be tempted to cross the Hampshire Border.. :tu:
The OP is a new member but hasn't been back to the forum for the past 2 weeks... Hopefully he'll be back soon to respond to your interest in his proposed meet...
Depending on the date, might be tempted to cross the Hampshire Border.. :tu:
I didn't realise they'd opened the border... me too, in that case.
Sorry i have been away my internet went down i have been waiting. For my new one to arrive i still would like to arrange the meet. I was thinking the 26th of march at cheddar gorge if anyone is avalible or location can be changed if anyone has a good location?
I didn't realise they'd opened the border... me too, in that case.
Just a case of sneeking over the border at first light.....!!
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I've added 26 March at Cheddar Gorge as a potential meet (to be confirmed) into the 2016 UK Meet Calendar thread - I'll update there if details change here. :D
Saturday 26th March good with me.

Cheddar is my neck of the woods, born and bread there. Great venue but will probably be busy and charging on all the car parks as that is Easter Saturday. If everyone is happy with venue I could suggest a meeting place outside the gorge and drive through Cheddar on the way for a spot of lunch at a great pub at the top of the gorge.

Happy to help with local knowledge whatever :smile:
I would like to see if we can get people in somerset and wiltshire. To set up a meet please get back to me if you are intrested
I'm in North Bristol (near J19 M4)

I'm interested

The date and location (Cheddar Gorge or nearby) work for me.
I'm near Stonehenge, yes if I can get away from the kids and the weather good!
Outside off cheddar is ok with me
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