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Wow, this 300Sl ended up in the Crusher by Employees from the Daimler AG Germany, to be correct by People from the German Mercedes Classic Center... The way the Story reads some poor German Schmuck:(:( bought a Kit Car Overseas imported it 2 Germany.. Mb got wind off it and stepped in 2 have the Car destroyed.....

Mb takes the Copy Right 2 a new Level . Even if you import a Kit Car that looks like a Mb like the 300Sl and it good a Chevy under the Hood and nowhere is Batch on the Car saying Mb etc etc Daimler Ag got the right 2 crush the Car with the Blessing of the German Courts.....

Wow what a way 2 keep Classic Mb Prices high.:(

In a way i understand it what Mb is doing and i support it. On the other Hand i hate it because as a Car Lover Mercedes Benz just invated every German Car Lovers Garage just like in 39. :soap::soap:

So what will Mb do with this one a Sl600 a pure Impression of modern Mb Tech. with a touch of a Classic. Will it end up in the Crusher 2 if i gonna bring it back 2 my Inlaws in Germany 2 find a new Wife?????:(:(

Since Mb holds the Copy Right on Arts 2 i guess it gonna be crushed....:(:(

Now Kids keep in mind i am not a Lawyer just a German Car Lover. This one really tickled my Bier Belly.... Sorry Jbanks if this Post sounds abit political it is not :)

It is about a German Car Nut dreams going Overseas on Vac and bring Home his/hers perfect Toy. Sometimes i wonder about the German Goverment:soap: and my German Passport is still in order.:(:(:(

My personal Opt on this shame on you Mercedes Benz in Stuttgart you rape me on original Parts for my 66 Heckflosse and my beloved R170. Because i drive a Car and try to restore a Car that i loved 2 drive 4 over the last 25 Years....

You stick me with Parts in an original Mercedes Box ask 4 Top $$$$$ just 2 find out them Classic Parts are a Reproduction Made in Poland.

Ghee Mb i guess that is ok under the free Euro Zone Agrement/:soap::soap:

Sorry Slk Mates if i got abit Huffy and Buffy but sometimes even i the Berliner wonders if i should have bought a Bmw after all i was born in Bayern.

I outsourced 4 over 25 Years 2 Stuttgart loving Mb,s with a Passion but this one that Mb just layed into my Easter Basket ..... it is abit hard 2 swallow just like the Martha Stewart Collection in my Garage.....:(:(

I guess when you turn 50 like me this Year growing up wit Zappa and the Sex Pistols try 2 change the World try 2 tell my Teen Girls put down the Phone...:(:(

Sorry if i got abit off Track on the 300 Sl Story.......

but let me tell you how i feel about it. Mb had no right 2 kill a Mens Dream and his $$$$.........

Shame on you Mb it is a Womens/Mens Garage the last Place on Earth 2 get away from everydays BS.. Enjoying Life....:)

Whats next showing my Vin Number ??????? and get the ok from the Black Suits at Mb .....

Dawn it this one really rocked my Boat dont ask me why. It just pissed me off. Sorry Mates.

Sorry Kids this one really fired me up.:biglaugh::biglaugh:

Here is the Story in German...

Mercedes Fans - Artikel - Unrechtmäßiger Nachbau eines Mercedes-Benz 300 SL vernichtet

here are the Pics

Mercedes Fans - Bild - Unrechtmäßiger Nachbau eines Mercedes-Benz 300 SL vernichtet - - 1

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new wife...hope Irish doesn't visit the forum...

I was just glad it wasn't a real 300!!

But I agree Daniel, imitation is the highest form of flattery...and it was metal too!

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