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MB Bluetooth or Viseeo

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2005 55 AMG
I need to connect my phone - all I need is the 'puck' , but which is best latest vet of Viseeo or latest MB ?
Regards Jeff
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My personal opinion? MB.
Had both, Viseeo MB2,MB4 and MB HFP cradle.
Problem I had with Viseeo was that it often did not autoconnect with my phone. had different phones and they all had this problem. Usually you don't notice this rightaway, so I had to stop the car pull out my phone from my pocket and manually connect to phone to the cradle. In my opinion this makes the cradle useless. Eventually I got so fed up with it that I ditched the Viseeo and got myself an original MB cradle. Worked flawless from day 1. Only problem I had with that was transferring the phonebook from my Android phone. Solved that by installing the old IrMC/SYCH software on the phone.
I have the MB puck in my SLK, and it works really well with my iPhone 6 (although I think there's a limit of something like 200 contacts that will sync with it).

My step-father has a Viseeo version for his E-class, and he's had a number of issues with both initial sync/pairing and then the reliability of it auto-connecting to his iPhone 4S... mind you, I can't testify as to whether those are user issues, or issues with the product! ;)
Forget the puck. Do an eBay search for Mobridge m2.Pro most. There are a couple up for auction. They work with any Bluetooth device and allow you to use the steering wheel buttons. Easy installation too. Highly recommended.
We have and use the Viseeo but always with iPhones and would recommend it.

Great product and easy to use.
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