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Proves my point FB and driving do not mix.

An employee at Mike Ward Maserati in Highlands Ranch, Colo., died in a car crash last weekend after he uploaded a Facebook Live video of himself accelerating from 0 to 111 mph in one of the store’s cars.

Lauren Lekander, the lead public information officer at the Douglass County Sheriff’s Office, said the crash occurred the night of Friday, Jan. 13. Douglas County and Highlands Ranch are just outside Denver.

Brandon Gianopoulos, 24, was the salesman at Mike Ward Maserati who died in the crash. In a release, the sheriff’s office said he had “access” to the vehicles “as part of his duties,” adding the vehicle wasn’t stolen.

It is unclear if “access” meant Gianopoulos could use the car as his personal vehicle or if he was transporting or test-driving it. Lekander said the sheriff’s office couldn’t elaborate further. Mike Ward Maserati declined to comment for this report.

The night of the crash, Gianopoulos’ Facebook Live video shows his 111 mph acceleration took just about 20 seconds in the 2017 Maserati Ghibli.

Lekander told Automotive News the video was why investigators are pointing to excessive speed as a possible reason for the crash. She said Gianopoulos using a phone while driving could also be a contributor. The investigation remains open.

“Brandon was a wonderful young man who will be deeply missed by his family and by his co-workers at Mike Ward Automotive,” Dealer Principal Mike Ward said in a statement to CBS Denver, which originally reported the story. “It is impossible for us to understand why these things happen and we are all extremely saddened by this tragedy.”
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