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Maybe he was not happy with his perm.:laugh::laugh:

Most bank robbers or burglars think speed when they consider a getaway vehicle, but not this Anchorage, Alaska man: he picked a front-end loader.

On December 22, Brian Petross stole a Caterpillar front-end loader from a secured lot, KTUU reports. No word on where he kept it for 4 days or what other uses he might have put it to, but on December 26, he tried using it as a getaway vehicle. Twice.

In the early hours of morning, a person walking their dog noticed that a window and the door of the Strand Hair Salon were broken. A 911 call was placed, and Alaska Police Department noticed that the place had been looted, after what looked like a large vehicle had been smashed into the wall, to allow the burglar access inside.

Police say the suspect “drove [the loader] to the salon, got out, picked up a frozen planter, smashed the front door window, entered the salon, stole numerous items and drove off in the front end loader.”

Another call of a triggered alarm came just moments later. As APD officers rushed to the scene, they noticed the Caterpillar pulled over nearby, with Petross still inside. Not only did he not think the getaway vehicle thing through, but he didn’t exactly show he was criminal mastermind material either.

A traffic stop was initiated and it was determined that Petross was linked to the theft of the vehicle of 4 days earlier. He was arrested for “multiple charges, including vehicle theft, burglary, theft, reckless driving, and criminal mischief,” KTUU says. The report doesn’t mention whether the Caterpillar had suffered any damage from how it was used.

Needless to say, if Petross imagined his spree as some kind of “Italian Job” extravaganza, he’ll also be getting points off for dreaming way too big.
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