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A man walks into a coffee shop with a moose may seem like the start of a good joke, but for residents of Lively, Ontario, it was just another day in Canada.
Coffee-loving Canadians were surprised Monday when they spotted a baby moose walking alongside a man into their local Tim Hortons coffee shop for a caffeine fix.
The man, Stephane Desgroseillers, told local media he spotted the moose next to a highway near Greater Sudbury in Ontario the day before and picked up the newborn after fearing the moose was in danger.
"The little calf kept coming back out on the road and wanting to go into the traffic," Desgroseillers said, according to CTV News.
The moose ended up spending the night with its rescuer after Desgroseillers found the area animal shelter was closed.
The next morning, Desgroseillers put the moose back in his car to head back to the animal shelter, but not before stopping for coffee.
"I basically felt blessed to be in a position to have crossed a path with that little animal," Desgroseillers said, according to CTV. "I felt I need to share that with other people."
Tim Hortons customers took to social media to share the surprising guest on their coffee run, including one customer who posted a video on Facebook, along with the caption, "ONLY IN CANADA: TRUE CANADIAN EXPERIENCE."
CTV News reports the male moose, which Desgroseillers says was "damp and wobbly" when he found him, weighs 25 pounds and was just 1-day-old when found on the side of the road.
The moose is now being treated at the Wild at Heart Animal Refuge Centre in Lively, Ont., according to CTV.

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