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I don,t think he was drinking one of them fine Pub Brews while watching the barn fire.:|:grin:

Some men would do anything to put their wives and girlfriends on mute every once in a while, but one South Carolina man resorted to setting his partner’s car on fire just so she would talk to him.

Hint: she still didn’t talk to him, so the car burned in the driveway while the man was watching it, sipping a beer.

It happened in Union, South Carolina, Fox Carolina reports. The man was identified as Kenneth Wayne Peigler Jr., 52 years old, but his relationship to the woman isn’t clear. Union County Sheriff’s Office was called about a disturbance and a fire, and deputies found the car ablaze in the driveway.

When they got there, the man was outside the house, drinking a beer while watching the fire. When he saw them, he went back in the house and came out again. He also told deputies that the woman had started the fire, a story that the woman herself later denied.

The woman said that she and the man got into an argument and she stopped talking to him. He went outside and started smashing the windows on the car, and then came back in to tell her that he would set the vehicle on fire. He did as he threatened, and even informed the woman he was willing to put the fire out if she talked to him.

She didn’t. Instead, she went over to the neighbors’ and called the police, telling the deputies that she was afraid for her safety, as well as for that of her immediate family. Reports in the media claim that the man was in a romantic relationship with her, but this is yet to be confirmed.

Fox Carolina doesn’t say whether the man was under the influence when he set the car on fire. He’s been charged with arson in the third degree.

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Reminds me of the story:

Two old time friends fishing, one says " I think I'm going to divorce my wife soon"
" Why so?" asks the other.
"Well she hasn't been talking much to me in three months"

His friend takes a long pause and says, " You might want to think this over again, women like that are hard to find"
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