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An employee of Manheim Auto Auction in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, was getting cars ready for auction when he stumbled across a living human being stuffed inside the trunk of a 2016 Dodge Challenger Hellcat, Lancaster Online reports.

“I opened the trunk to take a trunk picture and there was a guy in there,” Darren Leeds tells the local media, adding that the guy “wasn't moving a whole lot.” He ran and brought him a glass of water, while he waited for the police to arrive.

According to reports, the man wasn’t cooperative, so he had to be fingerprinted for identification. He was also taken to the hospital for treatment, but the police wouldn’t say what for.

The cops would later identify him as Leon Cyheime Parks, 25, of Bronx, New York. Yes, Parks is a wanted man back home, having warrants out in his name for parole violations, and drugs and weapons charges. Once he is released from the hospital, he will be sent back to New York to answer to his previous crimes.

According to the cops, the Hellcat was one of the cars on a lot brought into Pennsylvania from the New York state area. However, they’re yet to determine how exactly Parks got inside the trunk.

The lot arrived at the auction house early in the morning and Leeds proceeded to process them, inspecting them before placing them on the block. Whatever the context of this strange ride, Parks probably owes Leeds his life.

“Police [are] not releasing other details, including the date and times of departure and where the car came from, because the case is still being investigated, they said,” Lancaster Online notes.
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