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Probabably had no Gum in his pocket.:grin::grin:

Early Friday morning, 21-year-old Morgan Doran was pulled over for a traffic violation by Hackettstown police, New Jersey. When officers approached her, they could smell alcohol from inside of her car, so they proceeded to throw the book at her, LehighValleyLive reports.

“The officers sensed the smell of alcohol coming from the vehicle and Doran was taken into custody and charged with driving while intoxicated, DUI in a school zone, reckless driving and careless driving, police said,” the publication reports.

While in custody, Doran was told to call someone to come pick her up and the only person she could think of was as much of a drunk as her. She called 24-year-old Sebastian Rehm, who, you guessed it, came to pick her up from the police station while drunk.

He sauntered inside and waited in the lobby and, when an officer approached him, he smelled booze on his breath. Sebastian ended up in custody, as well. So much for Morgan’s knight.

“He was charged with DUI and reckless driving, police said,” the same publication reports. “Doran and Rehm were released to a sober driver and have pending court dates.”

In the end, police were able to find someone sober enough to drive these two home, it would seem. All jokes aside, drunken or impaired driving remains the leading cause of fatal crashes on U.S. roads and in other countries as well. Drunken driving is not fun and it’s not funny, so if you’ve had a drink, take a cab / Uber or have someone else – someone sober – take you home.
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