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Talk about a special delivery.

A Minnesota man delivered a baby fawn after its mother was hit and killed by a car.

Bill Schulte told CBS Minnesota that he saw a car hit a deer while driving on Sunday. He pulled over and saw the deer was pregnant.

"I was like, she's [the mother] gone, that baby's in there kicking, I gotta do something," Schulte said. Acting quickly, Schulte used a box cutter to open the dead deer's belly and then slowly pulled out the baby fawn, neck first. He then drove the newborn 30 miles to an animal rescue facility.

The male fawn was then turned over to Polly Rixe, a licensed wildlife rehabilitator. Rixe will work with the fawn over the summer to get his strength up, until he's ready to enter the wild on his own.

"He’s growing big already,” she said. “He couldn’t walk when he got here.”

Speaking of Schulte's heroics, Rixe told CBS Minnesota, "Kind of crazy. I wouldn't necessarily promote people doing that, but I guess for this particular fawn, it's a happy ending."
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