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It all started when the car they were in rear-ended another vehicle at an intersection, a statement on the official Facebook page of the Chicopee Police Department reads. The victim got out, as did the driver responsible for the accident: Zelinette Rivera, 40.

They spoke for a while and the victim was able to memorize the license plate on Rivera’s car. However, when they were about to call the police, Rivera got behind the wheel and was gone.

Police came and took out the report, putting a BOLO on the vehicle. It was spotted a short while later, but a man, 24-year-old Trevor Rainey, was not at the wheel. He pulled over when summoned and came out of the vehicle, and officers immediately noticed he reeked of alcohol.

“[The officer] spoke to the female passenger. He learned that she in fact was driving at the time of the crash, and that the male was her passenger. She stated she knew she struck a car, but thought it was all set. She was asked for her license, which she had a hard time locating and producing, and to step from the car to perform some tests. She was stumbling while attempting to walk,” the PD says.

“She kept telling our officers that she in fact was also an officer. It was later determined she was not associated with Law Enforcement. After further investigation, it was determined that she was Operating Under the Influence. As she was being handcuffed, she began yelling ‘I passed your tests, you know I did, I am also an officer’,” the statement adds.

Both were arrested for DUI and having an open container of alcohol in a motor vehicle (the bottle was half empty, the officer noted, so it looked like the two had been partying while driving), but Rivera was also slapped with the charge of leaving the scene of a property damage crash. They were released on bail.
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