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Bought a reconditioned (like new) GoPro for Mabel's outings, so, as I was already in Aberfoyle on Thursday (and next to an ideal section of road for what I wanted to do), I thought I'd try using it for recording sound as well as vision. Gave me a chance to play with Mabel's paddles (obvious that I need the practice :D) as well.

1st vid is just the rear view cam. 2nd vid is in car cam with sound from rear cam over dubbed.
3rd vid is return run rear view cam, and 4th vid is the same run bonnet mounted cam with rear cam sound over dubbed.

Road surface was wet (see rain hitting cam in 4th vid) so no heroics, but had some fun anyway.
I now understand why she turns heads when I hit the loud pedal! :D

1st ...

2nd ...

3rd ...

4th ...

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