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LPG haters - please advise (post 62 & 80)

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So, I took a day off today and went to the best Mercedes mechanic in Prague (judging by the reviews) because of that horrible rattling metallic noise that I have every time the tachometer needle touches the 2500rpm, every gear, both accelerating or slowing down, with or without gear, even revving with the car stopped.

As soon as his dog stopped chewing my leg, he took a look at the engine, saw the lpg system, and said: I'm not touching this car until the LPG is removed. You're destroying the car this way, Mercedes are not intended to be converted. When you install an lgp system in a Mercedes the engine head must be replaced with something compatible with this gas, and here it has not be done.

Now, I bought this car already converted, and given the price of the gas here, I don't mind paying a third. I wouldn't have done it myself, but it was there already, and I must admit it works pretty well.

He didn't say anything about the noise, didn't even want to listen to it, he went on for 20 minutes just cursing the LPG (I left, probably he's still going on).

My concern now is that I'll never be able to have a mechanic, because my car is converted... And yes, I tried the LPG shop, they said no, we only deal with lpg related problems, this noise is not related, go find a mechanic.

Do you really think I should have the system removed? Am I destroying the engine? Is it that bad? I just wanted to get rid of that rattling noise (not the engine supports, got them checked), I'm quite happy with having the option to save some money when I don't need to score the best lap time on qualifying session... But if it's really that bad, I can live without.
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And he also recommended to get rid of the LPG asap, again no reason given. So far 4 mechanics out of 4 suggesting to remove it... But at least this one was kind enough to put his hands on the car, without kicking me away like the others did.
I'm very happy with my LPG system, especially when I pay at the gas station: 24 euros for a full tank.
Must say that the tank is pretty small, 300km and it's empty, so yes, to go to Italy I should tank 3 times 🇮🇹
Now let's hope for the good weather to come, it snowed in Prague today, can't wait to open the roof 🤘
They didn't want give you a reason, why you should remove the LPG installation...
Probably it's just because they grew up with petrol and diesel oil... It's in their veins... 🤔
LPG is the "new" kid in the block... Don't even talk about electric cars... 🤮
I have a 50 liter cylindrical tank for half in the spare wheel space, I have about 10 à 15% safety instead of 20%, I can get 44 liter in it.
Benzie (3.0 V6) uses between 1liter per 8 à 9 km, so between 350 and 400 km with one tank LPG. For €36,- ... 😁😁
Highway use, normal tempo, 1 liter to 10 à 11 km which means 440 to 490 km 👍
Now busy with "spring" maintenance and preparing for APK (some kind of MOT)...
Rebuilding park brake, all filters and oils (air-, interior- and engine oil filter; oils: engine, brake, power steering, diff and later autogear flush and coolant).
I don't know how old the coolant, brake-, power steering- diff- and gear oil is. So I refresh it.
Benzie has some 135.000 km on it.
Let springtime come...
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People are generally not open to suggestions that their belief is wrong. Once you've made up your mind about something, it's hard to change. Especially 180 degrees :D.

I'm in no way exempt from that!! I know I can be stubborn (EV hater! :) ), BUT... I CAN (!!) change my mind if, or WHEN (!!), I'm presented with overwhelming proof that I AM indeed wrong.

Oh, and if you (anyone) think they don't have that problem, well I can guarantee you that you do! In one way or the other, or to a certain point :D :D. It's like they say in AA (not the motor one :) ) - "first step to healthy is to admit that there's a problem" :D. I'm still working on that first part, EVs suck!! :D :D :D.

So don't worry to much about the LPG stuff. They might be right and you/we wrong, but as long as it's working, why change it.. Your car, your time, your money. Although, technically those two last points are the same, so... :D.
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Your car, your time, your money. Although, technically those two last points are the same, so... :D.
^^^ This.
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I can finally listen to black metal without any disturbing noise coming from the engine.
Yeah, but you still getting a disturbing noise, it's just emanating from the Speakers now :ROFLMAO:

LPG is the "new" kid in the block...
I wouldn't call LPG new on the block, I remember my Dad had an old Vauxhall Viva fitted with LPG back in 1974 :D Yes that says Nineteen Seventy Four !!

I know I can be stubborn (EV hater! :) ), BUT... I CAN (!!) change my mind if, or WHEN (!!), I'm presented with overwhelming proof that I AM indeed wrong.
That's never gonna happen, you are 100% correct, hell even some of the big manufacturers (I think Toyota was one) have recently announced that they will not be scrapping ICE Engined Vehicle production in 2030, reason given they do not believe global EV's are a viable alternative ;)
And lets be honest, most Mfrs have given the poxy things a fair shot (y)

My view ......................

There is a place in the market and viability is reasonable for a small, (think like an MB Smart Car, Nissan Micra etc) in cities, folks who have shops all around them, drive 3 miles to work etc, but if you live in a rural area, or travel long distances, then you need an ICE vehicle.

There and I said that without typing out all the pitfalls that I have seen since the inception of the EV claptrapamabob :p
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