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As the title above says I am looking to add apple carplay and a reverse camera to my SLK 200. I鈥檓 looking for recommendations and possibly reviews from users who have added these through modules provided by Naviks etc..

Well right now the only option I have found is Naviks 馃檪 is there anything else out there to consider?
Information that would be helpful is ease of installation and use, quality etc..

Thank you

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Don't think we have many diys for the 172 on this.

There are a few for the 171 which would at least give you ideas.

Links to 171 & 172 diys below the photo in my signature.

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Naviks was a disappointment. Lots of talk, no shipping. Finally disputed the charge on my credit card and got rid of them.

Went to Chinese supplier on ebay instead. Like this one:

Good install instructions, easy to install, nothing mysterious about it. I have one feature that they said I would not have.

In the instructions, it says that you have to connect your lightning cord to get the Carplay to work, and in addition, connect a dedicated AUX jack to the phone, which is possible with my old iPhone5 SE, but not my iPhone XR. Luckily, the solution that I stumbled across was to let the phone make the Bluetooth connection, then invoke Carplay, and the music will stop playing. This is not because Bluetooth as disconnected. Rather, it is because for whatever reason, the Bluetooth PLAY control on the head unit pauses. So, it's a little inconvenient, but if you exit Carplay through the Mercedes icon, then navigate to the audio player on the head unit, press PLAY, the phone will start playing music again. Then simply invoke Carplay once more, and the music keeps on playing.

If only there was a way to make wired Carplay wireless without the use of an Android middleman.

Anyway, it's not the greatest, but it's close and it's good enough.
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