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Looking for a UK 200 or 300 SLK

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I have been told by the wife that she needs a new (to us) car and she likes the SLK. Preferably with all the bells and whistles. My knowledge of modern Mercedes cars is limited so here come the questions.
I am looking for something in the 2005 to 2010 range of car with low mileage less than 40,000 if possible. Auto with either the 1.8 or 3ltr petrol engine and leather interior.
Do both these engines run timing belts or chains?
What range of mileage or time are these ripe for renewal?
Do any of these cars run electric parking/handbrake or are they still cable operated?
Some cars have a slightly different shaped front lower spoiler. (straight or a "V" shape) are "V" shape a facelift model?
I have been told the roof is operated with a separate battery running a hydraulic pump. Is this correct?
How fragile are the electrics. Are they any different to any other modern car?
It will be the wife's every day car, so will be used in the winter.
What are the service charges like if using a main dealer for the standard 'A' "B" "C" "D" services?
That will do for now as my head is hurting:grin::grin:
Thanks for reading this far:nerd:
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Hi Robbo (and wife), welcome to the SLK World Forum.
In no particular order.....
IMHO you need to decide which toys (options) you want before you buy your car. I would suggest checking out EBay for an original Mercedes SLK sales brochure, this will give you all of the colours, interiors and standard and optional extras eg, phone-fit, airscarf, Bi-Xenon headlights, flappy paddles, electric memory seats, upgraded (HarmonKardon) sound system, upgraded interiors (Designo), mirror packs, lighting packs, etc. etc. There are MANY option comttbinations! Options when new were very expensive but are always nice to have!
For a small outlay of say £10.00 on EBay you will gain a huge amount of info and also be aware that many secondhand dealers don't actually know what they have on the forecourt in terms of options so bargains are to be had.
Many cars have very few options but surprisingly many well specced cars cost little more.
You will pay a premium of about £1000 to buy a car from a main dealer but it should be totally sound with no faults and comes with a one year no quibble Warranty worth £600 so it's worth considering the extra outlay for peace of mind on the purchase of such a complex little car.
I'd always go for a full MB service history.
Electrics are generally reliable as are most other things tho no doubt Jeff will be here in a mo with details and with links to gearbox and balance shaft problems.
To avoid these go for a facelift car 2008+ with the inverted V front spoiler which I think looks better anyway, also includes some upgrades.
Cams are chain driven and don't present problems.
There is only one battery but if in good order it is well up to the job, if poor it can present all sorts of random faults.
There is only A and B services now. Many people use MB indies, I use the main dealership locally and have no complaints regarding customer service, in fact I'd say they look after us very well. Expect to pay £250-£400 for an A and B service if no faults are found. Service intervals are annually or 10,000 miles.
BTW Do consider a 350, much more performance and probably a better spec than smaller engined cars for little more cost.
Hope that gets you started, no doubt others will have their own advice shortly.

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I can't add much to Tony's response above, although if you are interested in an SLK sales brochure, as Tony has suggested, then check out the following link:

Good luck with your search! :D
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If you are going for slk 1.8l you need to check the timing chain.
If you go for slk 3.0 l make sure you check balance shaft more info here. If you are afraid buy a model from 2008 onward. Also in 3.0 and 3.5 the conductor plate in the automatic gear box is a problem. Also the plastic bit on the manifold tumbler flap is a problem.
Hope this help.

I had a slk 200 and now i have a 350, from my experience go for 350 better extra and the engine is much more responsive.
Thanks for the info. Sorry but more questions. What sort of mileage or time is used for the replacement of the auto trans fluid and filter? How do I get to see what mileage / time is left before the next service? Is there a button that is used to toggle between displays or is it permanently displayed? Are the handbrakes electrically operated like some Audi's (is that word allowed on here) Mods please slap my wrists if it's a taboo word. :grin: or are the handbrakes worked from a good old cable?
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Time and mileage for all service is listed in your maintenance manuals here:

Download Your Car Maintenance Manual | Mercedes-Benz

Trans is usually every 40k

Your display tells you what service A or B or C is due and when


what the buttons on your display/menu do are listed here:

Owners Manual: A Go-To Source for Information on your Vehicle | Mercedes-Benz

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Google Video
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Go for late 2008 /2009 onwards the facelift version :grin:
Auto box issues sorted as such
The 1.8 has slightly better mpg than earlier ones if your looking at saving as such .
Facelift has more added to it including bluetooth for hands free calling diff door mirrors .
Diff front and rear bumpers etc
Diff exhaust tailpipes etc etc

And good old handbrake cable and cheaper to replace . :grin:
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The wife got a bit worried the other day while testing a 350. I think she lit the tyres up a bit so we are only looking for a 200 only now. I have found a low mileage 200 that I am going to have a look over his weekend but I wanted to know if the superchargers are belt driven or gear driven?
The wife got a bit worried the other day while testing a 350. I think she lit the tyres up a bit so we are only loboking for a 200 only now. I have found a low mileage 200 that I am going to have a look over his weekend but I wanted to know if the superchargers are belt driven or gear driven?
Belt driven .
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