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As you all know I bought Tickets to see Depeche Mode here in Phoenix. So here it went down in my younger Years to see my favorite Band.

You stood in Line told the Girlfriend at the Time.... Babe hide the Alcohol and the Wheeties in your Bra. No check for Weapons no taking the Shoes off you just walked in all that for $ 20.00 Bucks... and we had a lovely Time on a Beer Budget.

The Year is 2013 the same Band. I bought the package Deal.... Lawn Seats $ 75.00 per Person Vip Parking aka the Teen the opens the Door for me points me to the Entrance takes my Car for a Ride to impress his G/f to get laid that Night.

Funny how we trust Vallet Parking Dude with our fine Cars....

If I would be in the Business stealing Cars I would let them Cars come to me..... LOL the Owners even give you the Key..... so why bother looking for a Car....:biglaugh::biglaugh:

Ya know going to a Concert to see your fav Band is just not the same anymore....when you are 50.

The friendly Operator on the other End pitched Insurance just in Case for only $ 7.00 more .....

well I $7.00 is a Bargain here in Phoenix to get an Ambulance Ride in the Hov Lane no Questions ask... I don't expect Peanuts for the Ride back to the Hospital but I just hope just in Case I don,t end up with a polish Nurse in Training when my Viagra kicks in....:(:(:(

So I bought the package Deal $ 300.00 before Service Fees..... for 2 and than there is Tax on Top.....of it....

I guess when you turn 50 you better fork out the Money because you never know if it is your last Concert or the Lead Singers last Concert on Stage.

As far as hiding the Wheeties in my Betties Bra....... well I gonna leave them at Home on the Kitchen Table for our Teen Terroists with a sweet little Note on it......

That reads if you smoke this inhail it you turn out just like you Parents.....

That should scare them off....for at least 2 Hours to enjoy a Concert......:biglaugh::biglaugh:....

I hope......:(:(
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