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It's the little things medical staff sometimes do to make their patients feel better. For nurse Matt Hickling, it was saying "I do" to a 4-year-old that made her life so much better.

The 4-year-old is a sweet girl named Abby. She's fighting Leukemia. To make things a little easier and to take her mind off of what she's going through, Hickling — Abby's favorite nurse — agreed to "marry" Abby at Melodies Center for Childhood Cancers in Albany Medial Center Hospital in New York.

Abby walked down an aisle of rose petals, with nurses Angie and Courtney acting as her bridesmaids. The bride wore a white dress, her groom met her in a tuxedo shirt, and they exchanged ring pops. The ceremony was officiated by Dr. Jennifer Pearce.

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