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Hi All,

Just thought I would share an issue I had to see if it helps anyone.

My 2000 SLK 170 was having a lovely drive out one sunny day. I came to a junction and went to pull away only to find I was stuck in 3rd or 4th.
The next time I stopped the car went into 1st and stayed there.
I crawled along in 1st and lots of warning lights came on. SRS, yellow triangle, BAS/ESP (Although that does what it wants anyway - see other thread).
I struggled on to my destination and arrived. My first thought was the gearbox oil as the gears seemed to be the main problem.
I checked the oil (Thanks for the dipstick MB - NOT!), that was fine and then fuses etc but no joy.
I called a the RAC who came and plugged their laptop in. There were several codes but they noticed that the alternator was charging at nearly 18v.

A replacement alternator from ebay at £35 cured the problem and its been fine since.

Never thought of an alternator over charging, always thought they would under charge and the light would come on.

Everyday is a school day!!!

Hope this helps some one.

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