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Don't know if anyone else has experienced this. I searched the R170 forums and found nothing. So, I thought I'd share my experience.

So, the technology on the R170's garage door opener is no longer compatible with the latest LiftMaster / Chamberlain wireless technology, MyQ. Hmm...that stinks.

When I had the car in Germany, I encountered a similar issue. The fix was to piggyback the European fob onto the stock MB opener. The problem (which I didn't remedy then) was that the remote opener would need to have the battery replaced which caused me to have to disassemble the windshield roof liner. Total pita. But, I did what I needed to do figuring once I got back to the States everything would be cool. And it was...until we built a new house with the latest wifi/app controlled garage door openers. Ugh...again?

So, the fix, which was similar to what I did in Germany, was to piggyback the new remote onto the MB opener. But, I still had the battery issue. So, I found a small, pinky tip sized PCB for converting 12V to 3.3V...voalá!

So, after cutting/tinning 10 strands of 24G wire, gutting the MB remote except for the rubber buttons, button PCB and two-wire connector, grinding down the PCB from the new remote to fit inside the OEM opener and soldering all the necessary connections, I now have the factory remote controlling 3 MyQ garage doors. :wink::Beer:

Sorry, in my enthusiasm of beating the system, I didn't take photos of the procedure. :frown:
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