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Well it was in the old Days the Michelin Map was the Crown Jewel going Places I remember them old Days when the Michelin Map got you 2 Places Hotels along the Route had been Judge by the Michelin Star from 1 to 5.....

for a while the Michelin Map and Guide was the most trusted Name around the World....

If you gonna travel better put that M Map in the Glovebox........
The Michelin Map was the only Guide 2 the Motorist like Dr Ruth was 2 your Sex Life........:):)

You never had a Problem finding a good Hotel a good Place 2 eat...... a good Pub 2 hang them Knickers after a long Drive........

Well Tom Tom and them other Road Toys came along just 2 direct you to Bk Mc D along the Route....... never Mind that fancy English Voice telling you Woolly darn it turn left it is a naked Sheep Run.....:biglaugh:

AAhh the good old Days when you found your Way out of the Drive Way with out a Command Center .... enjoying a Holiday Trip by the Seat of your Pants with a Michelin Map in the Glovebox......

Folks over 50 call it Retro i call it lazy built in from the Car Maker ..... Ghee my 1984 Michelin Map gonna be abit outdated ...... Yep i found it at the Flea Market... Hotels lost the Star Rating from Michelin.... Roads have been closed since 1984......

but i dont Mind .......... A Road Trip is a Road Trip in an Slk an Opel a Fiat a Renault ......

Ya know what i find sad..... real Men don,t ask 4 Directions with the Mich Map on the Lap.....:biglaugh::biglaugh::biglaugh:....

Tom tom Gps Command Center ..... Holly Holmer do i have the right Disk in the Command Center ....... blah blah blah.....

AAAh them old Days a Michelin Map ..... $100.00 4 Petro in a Clunker from Berlin 2 Marokko.... 2 smoke them wild Potatos......:):)

hate 2 say it the Michelin Map ...... is outdated ..... so Yester day........

so old Skool but let me tell ya that Map from Michelin..... Priceless...... 2 enjoy an open Road away from the Command Center....:)

Sadly Woolly has passed away
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If I'm doing a trip in Europe on my bike, I just point myself in the desired direction in the morning, then ride through the day, stopping off wherever looks good and ride till I feel it's time to stop in the late afternoon/evening. No plans, no hassle, no deadlines.

Occasionally, I'll fire up the satnag at the end of the day, just to find a hotel, if I haven't already seen one I like the look of. Then, once booked in. I'll look at the map, to see where I've been :)

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The sat nav can be fun. I left a place in the Lot valley in Southern France heading for Poitiers and set it at Shortest Route. What a laugh it took me down lanes and tracks that I would never have dreamed of doing. Took a hell of a lot longer but was enjoyable. ( not in the SLK I might add)
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