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MB finally must got him a new seat cushion.:grin::grin:

LH screamed "woohoo!" mid-lap when he took his new Mercedes Formula 1 car, the W10, for a spin for the first time on Wednesday.

The Mercedes AMG F1 W10 EQ Power+ replaces last season's model, the W09, a car that Hamilton raced impressively throughout 2018 as he won his fifth Formula 1 world championship title.

A camera mounted behind the left-hand side of Hamilton's shoulder recorded the British racer as he tested his new car at the Silverstone race track in England.

He maintained a consistent speed coming out of the pit-lane, but got so excited mid-lap that he screamed "woohoo!" He even said "it's the best feeling when you pull away" as he was clearly impressed with the car's acceleration.
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