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Holly Holmer I remember them old Days .... Jonny Carson was the Late Night King of Television.

After I finished Le Mans I turned back to Dish Television. My Hounds past out I guess the finish of the Porsches was too much.

I grabbed another Beer found something interesting on the History Channel to watch on my 1020 Pixel HD Flat Screen with 595 Channels on the Remote that is past my Knowledge how too operate such a small bloody Thing.

Well I thought I am safe watching the History Channel.

Wham Bam there it was ooohh no not Micheal singing before you Go Go.....

from when Johnny was King.......

The NO NO Hair Info Stuff that made me worry that I am not hip any longer because my Ear Hair is too long and my bald Spot will put me to the Buttom of the List at hot Cougars ......Hell

Back to the History Channel I sure enjoyed the next Part for about 7 Mins.

and another Info Update flashed on my Screen........

Did you know that your Parents have a higher Risk sleping and falling over the Age of 50?

HMMM I thought go on I am 50 lets get to the Sales Pitch.... maybe I can safe some Money on my Insurance.......

Turns out it was a well produced Comm. I learned how to save some $$$$ on my Insurance and talk to my Mother after she felt down the Steps.....

Back to the History Channel...... Hurray....

7 more Minutes I slept thru in School and than I got the Wham Bam of late Night Comm.

We at the Cancer Treatment are here to help.

Really ??? I did not know my Beer drinking smoking and chasing Bettys in my younger Years made me a high Risk ....

But I know now...... for only $ 49.95 I can get a flashy Envelop in the Mail how to prevent .... whatever......

Since I am now so worried about my Life thanks to late Might Info Comm.
I think I gonna stay Home cancel the Oil change for my Car.... my Doctors Appt. since he can not help me anyway......and my Habits ......:tu::tu:

Pick up another 12 Pack of Beer 2 Packs of Smoke and enjoy the BA Flight flying over my House back to London....

I love the Sound of them Rolls Royce Engines picking up Trust while I am in the Pool drinking a cold Beer......:tu::tu:..

watching Reruns on my VHS Machine ..... on a TV that got a Tube in it and a Remote I am familiar with it.......:Beer::Beer::Beer:.....

LOL Live in the 21st Cen. really sucks.... how in the Hell do I tell my Teens
the Instant Generation of know it all .....

that I the Berliner does not Care about Iphones Google etc etc that I just spend mega $$$$$$ to enjoy some old Flicks on Vhs????? for a Cable to remind me off good old Late Night Tv.

I guess I will be in the technical Dog House now...:D:D

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I want am/fm black and white go out and play days back. When the music of the day was glen miller, ladies were proper in public, and gents were raised right. Most of all we were able to discipline kids the way they still need to be!

I'm with you B!
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