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Many things have been said about the design of the Lamborghini Huracan so far, but not even somebody who's had one too many cocktails could mistake it for a KTM X-Bow. Unless the "drink" in question is a Molotov cocktail, that is.

We're not sure that's what British arsonists used to make the Huracan in the image below burn to the ground, but they certainly achieved their goal. The brutal fire attack, which also heavily affected a pair of Rolls-Royce beauties parked next to the Lamborghini, took place at a shop in Birmingham.

The story showed up in British tabloid Mirror, but it mentions the Aventador instead of the Huracan. And speaking of mistaking the Huracan for something else, we'll return to the X-Bow mention made in the intro. By the way, you can see a picture of KTM's track toy in the gallery below.

Think about the resemblance for a second: after the fire, only the front fascia (actually a part of it) reminds us of what this Raging Bull used to be. Most of the body panels, which are made from aluminum and CFRP, have been destroyed. Now you can clearly see the front suspension elements.

The chassis of the supercar, built from carbon fiber and aluminum, has also been toasted, along with the interior. The metallic seat frames are one of the few elements that still stand.

Fire crews in the area arrived at the scene, but they weren't able to save the three vehicles in question.

The UK vs. supercars and luxury machines, a violent match

Whether it's Birminghamm, London or another city, Arson attacks on supercars are not something uncommon in the UK, with more and more wealthy owners being targeted.

On the other hand, the aggressive local and Arab supercar drivers have determined London to consider banning revvingd and fast maneuvers, with officials currently evaluating the situation.
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