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This summers me and my gf first road trip was Lake Garda and notorious Stelvio Pass. Same place where TopGear guys filmed a nice video.


Instrument cluster as we started our trip.

Naantali, Finland port, 140km away from our home city. Waiting at check-in line to get into that vessel background.

Sama picture every year.

We had time to relax during that over night boat trip.

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Morning atarted to rise. It was nice upgrade to have a window in our cabin.

Waiting to get out of boat to Kapellskär, Sweden.

Right away me and that Porsche passed all the other cars, trucks and campers and we were first to blast those morning roads in Sweden.

As we reached Stockholm I have already loosen the Porsche.

Finaly the E4 motorway. Its fast and good road thru Sweden.

Cruise set into 100mph.

At some point we had to stop for gas, food and toilet. In that order.

Like I sed E4 is fast road and so easy to drive.

We reached Sweden west cost way head of time.

We had even time to drive some small roads and race with cheeps.

Hungry at Trelleborgs Golf-club. Some few places that were open at weekend.

Basic lunch did some wonders.

Raw data of the E4 road. Fast it is.

This is a EPA tractor, swedes hilarious thing. You can convert your old car into slow moving vehicle by limiting speed and seats and some other stuff and then you can drive this thing at public roads without driving licence at age of 16. This law is something to do with post-war era or something when Sweden didn't have real farm tracktors enough. Swedish member chime in and correct me if I'm wrong. We Fins don't have these.

We had so much time to spend before our next ferry so we drove to Falsterbo. What a nice little town.

City guy saying hello to farm animals. These are cows right?

Driving around Falsterbo I spotted a old SL.

While sitting at local bar in somewhere in Trelleborg I realy realized that I had made small mistake. E4 was so fast blast to drive thru Sweden so we still had several hours to our Trelleborg, Sweden - Rostock, Germany ferry. It would be even faster to drive thru Denmark to Germany than waiting that boat. But no can do, we had already booked and payed that boat place. I thought it would be a wise move to have over night ferry and sleep same time when boat does the trip. Well... Next time I'll drive directly to Germany round Denmark or take that shorter Rödby - Puttgarder ferry.

Nice art piece in the city.

Finaly at check-in line to boat.

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After a well slept night I was so ready for german autobahns. Just needed to drive out of ferry.

Morning sight at autobahn. Straight out of Rostock.

So relaxing to let the engine roar.

After a hour drive we had to stop for quick breakfast. Unluckily McDonlds were only places to open at that time of morning.

Just pure driving. I like. I got my gf a set of 3M quality earblockers and airplane-traveller-pillow and she slept right away.

At some point we had to slow down a little bit.

Driving round Munchen.

Actually Munchen area was quite refreshing after several hours at autobahn.

South side of Germany near Austria is getting more mountains.

Our first real hotel night was in Garmisch Partenkirchen.

Nice little and so comfy hotel.


Local bar & grill type restaurant offered food and drinks. Shout out for Sausalitos. Good place.

It was time to walk around and see. Like that beutifull river.

And diffirent type of stones.

And this.

Related plate. Don't speak the language so I can't really tell is it a art or accident happened long time ago.

View of our rooms balcony.

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Google translation of that plaque:

a weird guy who came from the partnach.

originally a straight 13 m long U-200 steel girder,
produced in the max hut sulzbach-rosenberg.
Part of an old bridge behind the gorge.

captured and carried away by the flooding in 1999.
Bent, looped, twisted by the scree and the
Wassen masses, disappeared in the riverbed.

at the height of the wittelbacher park,
in measures for flood control,
Reappeared in 2008
and landed by the excavator.

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I think ‘wassen’ is ‘washer’
If I remember correctly from a German girl I used to work with who taught me a tongue twister about washer women.

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After a heavy breakfast we ckecked out from that lovely hotel.

Back to forest.

Train out of nowhere.

Austrian border ahead.

Old OEM navi with 2018 map-DVD was great.


Scerery becoming more and more wild nature.

And the road more and more dynamic. I like.

Thru beautifull villages.

Half open tunnels.

Navi actually drowe us a diffirent route than GoogleMaps when we planed this whole trip back home.

A short visit to Switzerland.
A question to American members..? How do you see your state borders in your oem navi? Does it look like same as our country borderlines in Europe map?

Twisty roads.

A town.

To Italy...

Road became bad right away on Italy. Lake Resia on the side.

San Valento.

Lifes good.

This is what I like.

Nice tower.

To Merano city.

Enjoying the view.

Altitude becoming more higher.

Volvo-crew from Belgium.

Enough Volvos.

Move away.

One by one.

This is something I have been waiting for.


Out of Trafoi.

up in the hill.

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DAY4 continues.

Worst part of the road.

Small photoshooting break.

This was so amazing.

Steap road.

What can you say about these?

The top. Hard part is now over. After this point it all downhill.

2,7 km of altitude. 11*C air. I was feeling good that I have a big transmission oil cooler in front.


Yes, snow.

Yes sir.

Whe had to stop once in a while to just take pics.

Trip goes on.

a short stop.

High leveling differences.

EU-00-55 if I remember correctly. A german plate SLK55.

Vittoria Tirano, Tirano Sondria. Very friendly staff and good food.

Main road of Tirano.

From Tirano we were heading to Lake Garda.

Small cities.

Like autobahns in Germany, Italy has their own autostradas. The difference is that they has speedlimits and toll to pay.

Italian style.

To Garda Lake.

Road tolls once in a while.

South end of the lake was buzzy and all kind of theme parks. Not my thing.

More relaxing when heading north to Malcecine.

Our Hotel getting closer.

Hotel Macecine was comfortable and air conditioned hotel. I parked SLK into dark parking garage.

It was time for drinks.

And a moment for hotel cats!

Night view.

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New day new jokes. The grand plan was to drive around the lake up north and head to the new hotel in south.

All kind of tunnels.

Beautifull marina and old arcitucture.

Lake Garda road.

More maps.

And there could be trafic jams aswell.

Not a trip without a police. Italian motorbike-policies stoped us and checked our papers. All was ok and drive safe.

We arrived the hotel witch was build and complited this year. Brand new and fresh.

Balcony view.

While grabbing some toast I saw some nice tourist trikes.

Pizza was nice, gf told. My steak was almost hour late. I gave loud mouth and didn't pay all the bill.

Near by bar sold good beer for cheap.

And little bit more at hotel.

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After a great breakfast it was sad to realize that our road trip has passed the middle. Back to home.

Around the Dolomites. Heading to the Austrian border.

Time to fill up and why I got feeling that this time I'll get caught if I don't buy vingette sticker.


Great scenery.


All the trucks went thru inside x-ray box.

German border.

And random check. All the papers were checked but after that have nice trip.

Stau! It german and means stop and in this context trafic jam.

Poor Mustang.

We drove 850km (530mls) in all kind of trafic jams and whole day endless pain. Finaly we got into hotel but reception was closed. I call into number shown in front door and nice lady in poor english told where they hide our keys. After all everything turned out good.

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This was our morning view from the hotel. Breakfast was great.

To Poland border.

Right after Poland border I reached old Merc convoy. Some Italian MB club.

Cruise control.

Good old places. Me and my friends were Poznan in 2016. Great momeries...

It was like out of horror movie. Empthy road.


Calm and simple.

Tunnels of Varsova

Brand new roads that navi didn't reconized. Numbers still matched so we kept driving. After 20-30km we were back on the screen of navi.

Near by Lomza we had to drive small country roads also.


Fast day. Poland motorway was eazy and fast to drive.

Pudget hotel., 34€ for two persons.

Middle of all sort of autodealerships and service shops we found very good burger & grill type bar. Food was excellent.

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Morning view.

Right away after breakfast on the road. Navi gave us over 12 hour estimate to Talinn harbour.

Open roads.

Heading to Latvija border.

Peacefull trafic.


The chair on the field.

Wondering the route to Moscow...

Getting closer to Talinn

Tallinn harbour was under construction and all the sings were more than confusing. You basickly just need to know witch was old signs and witch were new.

Finally at check-in line.

We decided to take a cabin eventho ferry trip was only 2 hours. I can get a shouwer and short nap.

Finaly at home. Long drive from Lomza Poland.

146283km - 141090km = 5193km = 3227mls

front bumper after the trip.

And break dust.

Whole trip was more than succes. We are waiting August where we have next 2 weeks off.
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