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Hydraulic failure....

Those things are built like tanks...


PS – check out for info on the possible East Midlands ‘Rabbit Chase”

Mods so far...
Airscarf Retro-fit
Alpine double-din touchscreen head unit with Bluetooth, Nav, DVD, reverse camera and iPod with a ‘Small’ sub in the boot
Mercedes Genuine rear Windscreen
Display& steering wheel integration for the head unit.
Digital Climate control panel, Sun sensor and Pollution sensor fully working
Hat-shelf mounted solar charging panel
Rain Sensor for Auto-wipe retrofit
Various coding changes to the Instrument cluster – see below
AMG Aluminium gear change paddles instead of the buttons
Facelift SLK Antenna
Harman Kardon speaker upgrade – All 11 !!
Custom dimming LED DRL’s
LED’s… in various places…[x] – Number plate…[x] –Side lights…[x] – Puddle lights
Full blown TPMS…

Mods in progress
Folding mirrors – a mirror frame needed…
Parktronic retrofit – nearly all the bits are here….. Just need the main loom now….
…maybe one day this section will be empty …!

Mods on the wish list
Johns 3rd brake light gizmo
Maybe a Smarttop....
Auto Dimming rearview mirror
Illuminated Sills – I have a cunning plan…

Coding Mods…
[x] - Enable those pesky phone buttons on the steering wheel - FINALLY DONE - WOOHOO
[x] - Enable Auto-wipe – done
[x] - Add temperature display to the lower MFD - done
[x] - Enable tyre pressure Loss Warning - done

[x] - Enabled Folding mirrors – done
[x] - Enable Gallons Remaining in the MFD – done
[x] - Enable Cornering Fogs - done

[x] - Enable both rear fogs - done
[x] - Enable Alarm 'chirping' – done
[x] - Enable TPMS display in the upper MFD – done
[ ] - Enable Highline TPMS – proving tricky!!, but we have some great brains on the case….

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I enjoy Top Gear but the tests where they race a car against something else that is not a car is pointless to me. Like that comparison where they compared the SLK55 and a Porsche using snipers.
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