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The image shows an Agera RS that has been gifted with the kind of gear required to go up a ski slope. Traction comes thanks to a set of compact tracks, while up front we have skis.

The sheer idea of seeing a vehicle that currently holds multiple velocity world records in such a state is enticing.

The rendering comes from Marcello Raeli. It's worth mentioning that the Italian artist has worked for Pininfarina, Bertone, Rivian, Subaru and, obviously Koenigsegg.

In fact, the pixel master took a bit of time to deliver a message with the image: "I did this quick, for fun in the holiday spirit...and then it was decided [at Koenigsegg] to put it in the holiday cards! Happy holidays!!!"

Many hypercar owners place their machines into hibernation for the winter, with this including the aficionado that shared the Instagram post below. However, there are also gearheads out there who use their Koenigseggs as winter beaters.

And we've added a few photos in the gallery above to bring you an example of this. The photos were snapped last month in Chicago, showing an Agera RS making full use of its winter tires.

We also talked about such an example last winter, when we showed you a Koenigsegg being cast in the role of a snow plow. The K machine, namely the Agera RS ML, attacked the Swiss Alps together with a Singer 911.

Returning to the rendering we have here, we might just see an eccentric gearhead commissioning such a transformation, which might just be reversible.
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