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Full story and vid

Some of the UK's newest and most popular cars are at risk of being stolen in seconds by exploiting weaknesses in keyless entry systems.
The systems let drivers open and start their cars without taking their key out of their pocket.
What Car? magazine tested seven different car models fitted with keyless entry and start systems.
A DS 3 Crossback and Audi TT RS were taken in 10 seconds, and a Land Rover Discovery Sport TD4 180 HSE in 30.
What Car? security experts performed the tests using the same specialist technology operated by thieves.
Hundreds of popular cars 'at risk of keyless theft'
They measured the time it took to get into the cars and drive them away.
Car theft rates in England and Wales have reached an eight-year high. In 2018, more than 106,000 vehicles were stolen.

(Although a UK story, it's relevant to all)

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Been mentioning about this for years now .......

Basically children as such can whisk your pride and enjoy in seconds and people are buying these new tech keyless go .

So glad mine is old tech with a ign key . :grin:
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