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Evening All

I am looking to sell my Kenwood DNX5160DABS and fitting kit for Mercedes SLK R171 post facelift (2009 ->). The wiring also suitable for some CLS (W219) & E-class (W211) with originally fitted with original Mercedes head units.

The head units base features are:
DAB Radio
GARMIN Nav (UK & Europe)
SD Card
Camera inputs
6.2" display Touchscreen
POIs upload (including Speed Camera)
Upgradable firmware

DAB aerial not included, although the FM aerial can be used for DAB.
Aerial booster added to work with the SLK aerial, which allows the unit to receive TMC traffic for Garmin Navigation

Replacement unit for my original unit that I fitted and tested, but kept when the car was sold. So not registered for:
INRIX Traffic 2 years subscription
GARMIN map updates 3 years

The full spec of the radio is here (there's lots I've missed from the spec):

INCAR TEC Steering wheel controls and dash display, mounting kit & fascia adapter panel

Ideally I'd like to get £400 for the set, but I am open to offers.

Any questions please contact me, either message or phone (07710 619981). I'm open to offers on the bits. The head unit is in St Ives (Cambridgeshire), but I'm often near Warwick/Leamington Spa so could drop them off.

Contact email - niva441 AT btinternet DOT com


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In no particular order

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3. Why are threads uneditable? In case of a dispute, the seller cannot go back and say something was X when it was Y, because the seller changed it in his favor.
4. Seller, please post a reply informing us that it sold when someone buys it. Saves folks trawling for parts, only to find that they have gone. Thanks.

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Missed off the original advert for sub 15 PM members:

Contact email - niva441 AT btinternet DOT com
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