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So much for enjoying freedom. One man from Topeka, Kansas, is back in police custody after stealing a car from the parking lot of the jail he had been released from just hours before.

Boy o Boy Topeka is a hotbed of Crime..:laugh::laugh:

WIBW says Topeka Police have the man in custody: it turns out his newfound freedom lasted less than 24 hours because he simply couldn’t keep his hands off other people’s cars. You read that right, it’s plural: in the few hours out, Kevin E. Jones stole 2 cars, starting with one that caught his eye in the jail parking lot.

The police say that Jones was released from the Shawnee County Jail at 9 in the morning, on Sunday. That same afternoon, one person reported their car was missing from the parking lot of the jail, and surveillance video showed Jones taking it.

If you think Jones isn’t exactly a criminal mastermind, wait until you hear the rest, because the dude didn’t stop here.

“Officers were then called to the 500 block of NE Grattan St. on a report of a car break-in,” WIBW says. “The owner of the vehicle and neighbors stopped the suspect and kept him there until police arrived. The officers found that suspect was also Jones.”

At around 7 in the evening, police recovered the vehicle stolen from the parking lot. Jones had done $700 worth of damages to it, but the report doesn’t say how he managed to do that. We could assume, however, that this is why he needed a second vehicle.

“Jones was arrested under suspicion of theft of a motor vehicle and criminal damage,” the report adds. Depending on Jones’ history, the new charges could put him away for a considerable time, but even if he comes out sooner than that, he might want to consider a career change. He sucks at being a car thief.

and it gets better

Thieves steal pizza and wings from delivery driver

Authorities are searching for two men, who robbed a delivery driver of pizza and wings.

Topeka Police say the incident happened around 7:53 p.m., Monday in the 700 block SW Polk.

Officers say a Domino's pizza delivery driver was delivering food when two unknown individuals demanded his pizza and wings.

Police say the two men fled the scene. No one was hurt and no weapon was shown during the strong arm robbery.
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