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Hi there,
I found it really hard to find out any info on this fix, so thought I better share it with you.
Problem: f3 was blowing on the K40 relay module and shutting the engine down (not good when you're pulling out of a junction!)
Fix: I removed connector A from the K40, the fuse didn't blow and the engine turned over, so it wasn't a faulty K40.
Put connector A back in and disconnected all the sensors it powers, MAF, Cam Position Sensor, Recirculating Flap Actuator and Fuel Injectors. Fuse still blew, so that ruled the sensors out.
Carefully examined the wiring loom and found that where it passes under the metal curved end of the fuel pipe it had rubbed through the loom tape and PVC coating of one of the cables which was shorting onto the metal pipe end. Stripped the loom back, wrapped cable in insulating tape, slackened off fuel pipe end and twisted it up a bit to clear the cable.
Hope this might help someone out with the same problem.

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