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Just bought an SLK230 Komp... Modern classic?

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Hello all,

We just bought a 230 kompressor in blue (with pesky brown bits I might add) as a second car and for Hubby to use to and from work.
I already have a love affair going with my a-class and Hubby is quite fond of it too.

Now we're in a very fortunate place because next door to my works is a merc breaker AND they do bodywork. As luck would have it I'm a trained vehicle wrapper too (as well as the more mechanical half of the marriage)

The Slk is a 1998 an although old enough to be a modern classic in my opinion not from the first run of the model back in 1996.

The alloys are in desperate need of a trip to the powder coat man and the bodywork needs arches/a small dent/door edge dent and scuffs (we can get these done easily enough) the blue and black interior could do with a recoat with some magic leather paint we've seen used next door. Other than that everything is hunky dory and the roof has had a new motor.

Here's the dilemma

Hubby wants to restore it back to its original showroom condition (yawn). So it's as bright and shiny as the day it rolled off the production line.

But I'd like to wrap it a different colour (prob black or a colour change blue), install aftermarket lights, add a spoiler and set up funky running lights along with a few nicely placed chrome bits. Then inside, bring the back panels right up to date with a mini wrap on top of the old carbon fibre effect (this won't damage the original).

Who should be in charge of sorting the car out?

Andy & jen
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Welcome from Southern MD USA!
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Welcome to the forum! Glad to see someone else who wants to make the car as beautiful as the day it was produced - sorry to agree with your hubby lol.
Do what you want to your little slk, but keep in mind it's a classy car
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Hi, welcome from Barrhead, Scotland. :smile:

Be sure to post photos whichever path you follow.
Welcome from Madrid...

If your household is anything like mine, I guess you'll be wrapping quite soon then !
I have to agree with your hubby on this one. While I am all for enhancements I look at the R170's as the roadster. although it has the kompressor, it isn't going to win any land speed records. It was meant to be the enjoy the open road with the top down automobile. Then Mercedes introduced the 171, 172 etc. These later models had enhancements that took it from roadster to more performance and more interior toys. But I say keep the R170 as original as possible. That's my two cents worth.
Welcome from Portland, Oregon. Enjoy the forum and the top down driving.
Welcome from the Wirral.

Owner decides for my two penneth.
The better halfs name is on the log but we bought the car jointly.
So my picks have been vetoed.

You could always try the.."if you want it original then you pay for it, if you agree to upgrades I'll do the work and we share the cost"
Hello from Belgium. I have myself a 1999 230 K. I try to keep it in great shape. The love of my life. (...nobody around....)
I bought a 1998 SLK 230 Komp about two months ago now. The previous owner had ordered it from MB and kept it in great shape having only 100,000 kms when I bought it. The body has no rust and the original black paint looks great. Over time he updated it by changing small things like the headlights to LED and updating the stereo system and even installed Lambo doors and the remote control roof system.

I have an order pending for a new rear view mirror with bluetooth, back-up camera and navigation which hopefully will be received and installed this week. I am waiting for warmer weather to retouch the interior red and black leather (already got the paint from Germany). This is my everyday car now so I wanted to make it as comfortable as possible for me. I have no intentions of selling this one so I am not concerned about keeping it purely stock.

This is his everyday car so I would let him choose what he wants to do with it. There is nothing wrong with keeping as much of the original look of the car as possible but you can update the technology and ease of use of it. It is a classy car so anything too out of character for the look inside and out may detract from its beauty.
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Hi Andy & Jen, and welcome from the UK Midlands! :)

Whichever route you take, make sure you enjoy the top down driving at every opportunity! :D
I am a new member also, and have been able to use this forum for several issues already.
Enjoy the new ride
Welcome from the Sacramento Valley SLK Enthusiasts!
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