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replay on espn2 at 3 pm edt

Joey Chestnut remains in a league of his own.

The American competitive eater blew away the competition once again Thursday with a record 12th win at the Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest victory.

Bill Russell, who?

Even at 35, Chestnut is still in peak gorging condition. Although the 71 hot dogs he devoured in 10 minutes were still three short of his 2018 world record, it’s the fourth straight year he eclipsed seven franks per minute.

Chesnut is historically dominant as well, besting the field by 21 wieners and truly only competing against himself. His title hasn’t been questioned since his 2015 defeat by fellow American Matt Stonie, who also competed this year at Coney Island.

Chesnut has been a staple of the Fourth of July contest since 2005. He emerged as a fan favorite with his 2007 shocking upset of six-time champion Takeru Kobayashi, who was a pioneer in developing the widely-used technique of splitting hot dogs in half and dunking the buns in water.
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