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Looks like our General is doing a little Garage Cleaning before the Holidays. Keep an eye out for the AMG Batch.:grin::grin:

This 1965 Mikoyan MiG 21PF (airframe 433372128) is a good looking example of the Soviet Union’s iconic jet interceptor. Offered with logs back to new, it is currently airworthy and originally served with the Czech air force, who only recently phased out the model in favor of the significantly more advanced SAAB Gripen. If there is a cheaper route into supersonic flight, we’d love to see it. Find this one here on Trade a Plane in Immokalee, Florida for $185k.

The distinct teal used in Soviet aircraft cockpits is a surprisingly beautiful color, and really helps the instruments pop out against their background. Some updates have been made in the cockpit, including a Magellan GPS plus Comm and Transponder units by King. Cockpit finish appears fresh, and wear around the footwells and cabin entry points isn’t visible in the provided photos.

hough this aircraft’s Tumansky R-11F2-300 engine has not been photographed out of the plane, it has been inspected and should be capable of pushing this aircraft to a whopping 1,350 miles per hour. The seller mentions an included spares package including brakes and tires. Two chutes (one for the pilot and one for slowing the aircraft on landing) are included as well. Photos of the landing gear bays and behind other service panels show a high level of finish and cleanliness.

While the MiG-21 is not the most sophisticated fighter money can buy, it still cuts a striking profile and will make you the envy of all your Learjet owning buddies.
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