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We’ve seen the F-Pace before, as its concept has been around at recent auto shows. But the full-fledged production model was just teased by Jaguar on Youtube in a short 90 second teaser video. The video shows the F-Pace go from just a simple sketch to a 3D design to a prototype and finally to a very hidden production car. There isn’t too much we can make out from this teaser, but there’s enough to intrigue. Hence the existence of the video.

What we can see, is an overall style of the car. We can see that it will be very similar looking to the prototype we’ve seen before. This is good news, as the F-Pace prototype looked excellent, as do all Jags. But there are some styling cues that are noteworthy in the video. The headlights for instance, have two separate clusters of LED lights in each, with an LED light bar underneath. The double cluster in each headlight design is actually slightly reminiscent of BMW’s famous double circle design. This may not be by accident as Jaguar has made no secret of aiming directly at the Bavarian brand.

Another design cue of the F-Pace that stands to be noted is the taillight design. They look like they’ve been pulled directly from an F-Type, which is again probably intentional as both cars share the same name letter. However, there’s nothing wrong with this as the F-Type is simple one of the best looking cars on the road and its backside is a big reason for that. Other than that, it looks remarkably similar to the concept we’ve seen before. Which, ultimately, is a good thing.

June 26th, 2015 by Nico DeMattia
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