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This one will help you with your welding and check writing skills.:smile:

Buried Binz: Rusty 1959 Mercedes Benz 190 Wagon

This Mercedes Benz 190 (chassis 991929) is a rare Binz coachbuilt wagon offered in extremely rough and rusty condition. Likely only good for parts at this point, restoration would take years and cost a fortune unlikely to be recouped even over a couple of decades. Find it here on Craigslist in Tallahassee, Florida for $2,500.

The rear glass and upper tailgate section might be salvageable after cleaning, however nearly all other panels look to be affected by heavy corrosion.

We’re guessing the car has been sitting outside in these swamp-like conditions since the early 90’s at least. A few other panes of glass might be usable, but bodywork is toast.

The seller notes that the engine is intact and even offers shipping at-cost, and we think their offer to have it pulled from its personal jungle for an extra $350 might be a good idea considering the spiders, snakes and other hazards it’s likely to be infested with.:grin::grin:

Here are some Images how the car could look like.

if that is a bit too much for you there is always a 2CV for Beginners.

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