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Damp in the PSE

I finally got round to doing one of those job's that are on the everlasting list of "need to's"
Making sure that my PSE waas fully protected.

Removing & Installing the PSE.

Clear everything from the Boot including Spare Wheel. It's at the bottom on the Right if viewed from the rear.

Tight Squeze :grin:

Covering gone - Only Sponge left :surprise:

The PSE pump is the pump located in the trunk/boot that controls the central locking, alarm, rear demister, interior dome light etc in the r170 models.

It is prone to getting damp/wet and failing if not looked after.

The problem being that in its normal position all the Electrical Connections are at the bottom.

It is enclosed in a foam container with a foam lid. This can be in a rough state (See above).

Replacement is available very cheaply. PtNo# A1708000135. About £12

You can see the comparison between one in good condition and one that is not above. The second one has actually turned into a "Sponge"

Yoy can use the Mk1 finger to feel if there is any dampness around the bottom of the unit.Mine felt quite dry but as a preventative measure I decided to do the recommended mod's to it.

That is if necessary replace the foam container, Turn the Unit Upside down and wrap some ventilated plastic (IE.A plastic bag) around it

Fair warning it's a tight fit in the compartment when it's in the foam container. Persevere and it will come out and go back

I slid my PSE out from it location and gave it a good examination. Everything OK.

Then I Inverted it (Pipes and Wires at the Bottom) without using any wiring extension mods, wrapped it up in ventilated plastic bag (holes at the top)to allow it to breath.

Put it back in the foam container. Everything has been running OK since.

Do check the vacumn pipes are not crimped.

Bye the way - I managed to invert the PSE without any wiring or pipe extension and It's been ok since.

If this unit fails it costs New over £400 or a good one from a scrapper goes for about £150.
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