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I saw Crazy Rich Asians (the movie) this morning

and saw this:


There's over P240 million worth of cars in the 'Crazy Rich Asians' trailer

*McLaren MP4-12C - P16,500,000 (what it's going for in the used market)

*Rolls-Royce Wraith - P38,000,000

*Lamborghini Aventador - P45,000,000

*Audi Q7 - P8,000,000

*Audi R8 - P12,500,000

*Mercedes-AMG GT - P14,380, 000

*BMW i8 - P15,000,000 (gray market price)

*Land Rover Defender - P3,000,000 (if you can find one)

*Ferrari F430 Spider - P11,000,000 (our guess)

*Jeep Wrangler - P2,500,000

*Rolls-Royce Ghost - P34,000,000 x 2

*Jaguar XJ - P8,800,000

That’s almost around P242,680,000 worth of cars—give or take a million or three—in just one trailer. From our viewpoint, the film definitely lives up to its title.

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