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I might have to make a trip to Kansas to see my mother after this read.:|

We’ve all had that dream. Answering a craigslist ad for a lawnmower, only to find a priceless gem parked and ignored for decades. Every couple of months something really special gets found somewhere in the world, and this past month our friend Steve Serio of Aston Martin of New England finally had lightning strike him. Naturally his first instinct was to call Petrolicious like a giddy schoolgirl.

Ted Gushue: Steve, tell me the story of how this DB4 Aston Martin came into your life.

Stephen Serio: After 30 years of doing this, no matter how hard you try and how hard you set out every day to be the smart guy in your business, this simply boiled down to nothing but dumb luck and good geography. I was geographically desirable to where the car was and there was a wonderful fellow by the name of Ernie Sullivan who is, in his own words, a good ol’ boy from New Hampshire and Ernie had been helping a family clear the yard of what was fifty years of hoarding. You name the type of vehicle, it was on his property. Ernie heard they might have a dump truck which he wanted to buy, so he dropped by, never even saw a dump truck on the property. The owner’s wife was liquidating everything that had accumulated over the years and he saw this Aston and gave me a call.

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Is Farm Find The New Barn Find? This Aston Martin DB4 Makes A Strong Case • Petrolicious
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