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Selling my 230 as I've just got a 32 amg.

Put lots of money into this car over the last two years.

Advertised for €3495

Willing to let it go for less to an slk world member.



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In no particular order

1. For sale threads are not editable by the poster. If you need a change made, please contact a moderator.
2, Thread should include price, pictures, contact info like email address. Try to not post a phone number.
3. If you have less than 15 posts, you won't be able to reply by pm as newbies won't be able to pm the seller either since they also probably have less than the required 15 posts to do so.
4. Why are threads uneditable? In case of a dispute, the seller cannot go back and say something was X when it was Y, because the seller changed it in his favor.
5. Seller, please post a reply informing us that it sold when someone buys it. Saves folks trawling for cars, only to find that they have gone. Thanks.

SLKWorld is not liable for any problems that result out of participating in Buying/Selling on this site.
Let the buyer/seller beware.
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