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Hi all,

Just came across a German Company that does a good range of Chrome/Aluminium Internal Trim Accessories for R170 & R171.:smile:
As usual I would expect the quality to be Up to the normal German High Standards.

One that is Quiet Unique (I've never seen one before) Is a "START BUTTON" System for the R170.

Start your SLK like a SL by a push of the button. This set contains everything needed: :grin:

• Starter button
• Relays
• Wiring with links
• Cover with signature
• Lighting with light conductors
Looks like usual Excellent German Quality.

The site is at -

R170 - - :: Enjoy true quality

R171 - - :: Enjoy true quality

They also do items for SL R230 & CLS W129

Usual disclaimers apply.


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