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Good video! It really is almost that easy,
Best to start with a really minimalist trial. Keep brush dry, or if using a foam brush, very dry. The paint goes a long way.
You can always add more layers.
This video has what looks like an almost perfect colour match. In practise this is difficult.
Viponds sell a matting agent which is important to use, but it takes a little trial and error to get the matt level correct, and this also
Tends to affect the colour tone a little.
This is why even Viponds recommends doing whole parts, but again I suggest this is not the best way to start.

A simple, minimal touch up like this video can be very sucessful.

Turning a scruffy interior into quite a tidy one can be quite easy with a little care and patience.

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Good shout

Funnily enough I saw this on Sunday and thought it was good stuff.

I am also a newbie and am going to touch up the paint on the corner of the seat.

I have a problem with the speaker on the Oem head unit onlyworking intermittently . I decided to upgrade to a pioneer unit rather than try and mess around trying to fix the non Bluetooth original.

Now just waiting for the remote hood module , cameras rear and front , and hardware evidence camera to be done.

Hope you are enjoying your car !
1 - 3 of 3 Posts