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My Mercedes 2013 SLK 250 CDI (R172) shows message “Intell Light System Inoperative”
In settings both Intell and adaptive are activated. Headlights are functional.
I got it checked out at garage with “star” diagnostics. (XENTRY)
Read out Faults found under N71/1 Control Unit Headlamp are :
B168401 - Actuator motor Nearside headlamp range adjustment has malfunction. There is a general electrical fault.
B284187 - Actuator motor for Offside active curve illumination has malfunction.
Mechanic thought that the fault was in the Nearside headlight and a replacement headlamp would be needed - a cool £800 + labour.!!
Incidentally when I start up, the Nearside headlamp aligns horizontally across and back whilst the Offside headlamp aligns differently, moving diagonally down then back.
Any thoughts /advice would be much appreciated.
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