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install single din player in an 06 SLK 200

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Can I just fit any standard single DIN player in the slk, I assume I can find plastic covers to cover the gap. I don't have much money to spend, especially that I also need speaks. All I need is USB and radio. Possible?
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Yes you can ...

There are single DIN kits available from the likes of Connects2 and Metra ..

They give you a small storage cubby that fits either above or below the single DIN radio

Basically, you end up with a double din cage, the fascia and a single din storage bin .. plus whatever wiring / CANBUS kit you order
So how about connectors, what should I buy, I have no experience with this and I will be taking it to a cheap store to do the installation

I want to show up with the needed wires and the DIN kit, I guess you answered my din kit question, i would need an antenna adapter and a cable harness right? Any examples..

Is this all?
The kit you need will depend on which headunit you end up with

In a nutshell, it'll be a quadlock (ie, the connector already in the car) to ISO / JVC / ALPINE / Pioneer etc etc, ie, which ever suits the headunit you decide to buy....

An antenna adapter usually comes with the kit, but again, you may need to buy a seperate one.

If the headunit supports steering wheel controls, you'll also need the correct CANBUS adapter kit for your car too

Usually when you buy a complete kit from somehwere like Connects2 you specify the car it's for, and the manufacturer of your headunit and you get all of the right bits to connect it all together
So I decided to get this Dual XR4120 Digital media receiver (does not play CDs) at

and Dual XR4120 Digital media receiver (does not play CDs) at

the site recommended the combo for the 2006 slk

right before checkout I decided to confirm with support and they confused me by saying:

12:50:58 a.m.
This is the harness for power and ground. There's no way to connect the speaker wires though that though. It will tell you that online and you may already know, but you have to run new speaker wire to bypass the factory amp.

I have no idea what they are saying, it seemed to me like this would work, is not this the point of the harness.
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I had a high-end audio shop in Portland do the single-DIN change to Sunhilde; check out my garage for an image. I got the Alpine CDE-HD149BT radio; AM/FM/Satellite with single CD player, Bluetooth, iPod connectivity, and more that I don't use. My invoice isn't the most detailed, and this was done almost two years ago, but there's a line item for an MET 9987-13 which I believe is the dash fascia kit. An MB antenna adapter and MB harness are also listed, without part numbers unfortunately. They may be standard MB parts? There's also a PAC SWI-CP5 steering wheel control interface listed, which obviously ensures that the buttons on the wheel work with the radio.
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