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The car maker that time forgot is changing, embracing aluminium, BMW engines and now hybrid power for its latest three-wheeled showstopper. Time to re-visit Morgan’s Malvern workshops.

It’s tempting to think of Morgan as the car world’s version of South America’s Yanomami tribe. They’re the people who wander around in loin cloths and pudding bowl hair cuts, aware of the outside world, but who choose to ignore it and continue instead with a way of life the rest of us left behind when wattle and daub rendered cave-living passé.

By rights Morgan should have died out years ago along with every other creaky name your granddad had scribbled on his schoolbag. Except that all the jokes about the archaic workshop and tooling so old no one actually knows whether it was first used before or after the war, the cars built from wood (only the frame, never the chassis, people), and suspension designs that went out with the ark are, truth be told, slightly disingenuous.

Inside Morgan: the latest from the manufacturer that time forgot by CAR Magazine
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