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That's right! Work brought me to Italy for the week! More specifically Breganze, and I work for AGCO. They often send engineers over depending on what project is being built here.

The actual reason I'm here is to accept a design award for doing the shielding design for our latest combine... so when I'm not ripping engines out of cars, I'm usually spending my days doing styling for farm equipment... who'da thought, huh???

So.. are any members here from Italy? It's really cool seeing the Peugeot's and Citroen's and just generally everything cool that we dont get in the states. Our rental is a brand new BMW 116 D wagon. 3 cylinder with a manual transmission! such a neat car (and I dont really like BMW). The strange thing to me is how nothing seems marked, as in there are stores all over the place but you dont know it because they dont have a sign up!

Best of all, the roads are great and I have never had so much faith in other drives to not do something stupid! I wish Americans drove the way the Italians do!

And can someone please tell me where I can find a Mountain Dew?????!!!!
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