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Hello to all,

I have bought a used SLK 350 with some mods.
I went on a race and my "poor" front brakes got deformed. The car performed well but I had this surprice at the end... :(
I looked for some info on internet but I couldn't find anything sure: are my actual front brakes standard for a 350 SLK r171 or are they a mod?
And what about the rear brakes?
They are really near to the edges of the car and the brakes wheel are one piece with the spacers...

Now I have to chenge the brakes and I have 17" alloy wheels.
My BIG question is: do you think that 18" brakes (so changing the alloy wheels also) could make the difference vs. good 17" brakes (for example Brembo)? I mean: could I feel some difference or the wheels are a limit?

Thank you to all for your help


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