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Hi my name is Italia.
I am not a mechanic by no means but I like my car. :).
I been on this forum reading 3 years ago and it was so helpful
So this time I decide to come back to see about getting help figuring out what my problem
Is with my car,,,,,
I'm going to try to change my oxygen sensor and my fuel filter. Maybe that will help
I know when my car was lagging someone said to change it and see if it helps.
I didn't cause I was happy the way it was.
But now that I have this little :) problem I want to try to see if it works.
My ex calls my car a slug. :)
I think it's a great little slug :).
My car is a slk230 compressor silver.
I will take a picture to put up. Just learning to get around this forum stuff.
I think it's great that you can come on this forum and get help with fixing your car.
So thank you. Will let you know what happens. :) wish me luck :nerd:
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