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Interested about the gominigo mount. I don't see it mounted in any of the photos. Did you just use it for driving? Is it simple to mount and remove without diassembling? I debating getting one for the Castaic Lake drive.
Nice pictures! I recognize the first view point on the way up to the top of Mt. Wilson. No telescope pictures?

So I don't see the GoMiniGo in any of the pictures. Were you just so good about constantly putting it on and taking it back off when parked? I have one of the other license plate solution (the one from Axel Mower Deck or whatever they are called). Similarly hideous, probably even moreso than the GoMiniGo, since mine doesn't follow the contour of the bumper, but sits straight perpendicular to the length axis of the car.

Sorry I couldn't make it today. I was really bummed because I love that area. To console myself I did a 3 hour drive in south San Diego County on roads that I had for some reason never been on. It was pretty cool and takes you very close to the US/Mexico border fence. I don't think I'd ever seen it before except the part between San Diego and Tijuana. It's pretty surreal to see a giant rusty fence run through the country side. Made me think. Also, turns out you can go from the Anza Borrego desert all the way back home without getting back on the freeway. Pretty neat.
The GoMiniGo BCC front license plate holder was only applied towards the end of the run AFTER Aaron was stopped (I didn't see it happen) by LEO. Assembly takes about 10 minutes. Removal is faster. I am definitely putting in on for Lake Castaic meat-and-drive.

Here's the facebook discount code when you order (15% off, shipping is roughly $11): GMG-FB-5. I don't remember when this code expires.
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From reading other car and motorcycle forums it seems that the police have been out in force for a few weeks now on GMR, ACH and the other well-known roads in that area.

They've been handing out front-plate fix-its but generally scaring the crap out of mostly motorcycle riders that have heavily customized their bikes to the point where they're no longer street legal.

A big car run up ACH (60 cars or so) on May 15th completely fell apart when they hit the check-point and people with modified engines all decided to turn-around. The group that got past the checkpoint was reduced to fewer than 20 cars. :D

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Yeah TOTALLY a week late but I don't care.

Event was a blast. Glad my girl(friend) came with and was able to record some video and take some pictures. I will post them up as soon as possible. The drive was great - getting to explore that cave we were fogged out from last time was also fun. No Mt. Wilson, but we've all been there anyways (sorry Eddy!) and what would be the chances of getting another private tour.

It was interesting seeing how many police there were, though. Seeing the one guy getting arrested and his bike impounded - that's just craziness. Lunch was good.

So, on to my side of the story... We're toting along at legal speeds (surprisingly) and we pass by a bike Cop sitting on the side of the road. Since I'm the last in line and no other cars (even regular folk) were behind me, he hopped on his bike and about a mile later he was in my rear view mirror. I knew the impending light up was coming, so I waited for it.

It came.

*Rolls windows down.. as if I need to on a convertible...*

Bored Cop: Sir, I pulled you over for not having a front license plate. H-h-hey there it is (**it was sitting in the small net in the passenger foot well**) why isn't it mounted?

Smartass: Oh I have the mounting bracket on the way right now, officer.

Bored Cop: You mean the car didn't come with a front bracket for the license plate?

Smartass: No sir.

Bored Cop: Who sold you the car?

Smartass: I got it off the dealer lot. Performance Nissan in Duarte. It came this way. (**BTW: NEVER GO THERE**)

Bored Cop: Hmm, odd that they would sell you a car not legal for the road. Sir, can you please roll up your windows just an inch or so?

Smartass: *Complies*

Bored Cop: Oh, you have tinting here. Is this aftermarket or stock?

Smartass: Aftermarket. I was advised that this was legal.

Bored Cop: Oh really is it now? And who told you that?

Smartass: The tint shop and the CHP website. As long as has 90% transparency, it is legal to have on front windows.

Bored Cop: Sir, you also have a radar detector. It is not permissable to have that mounted with suction cups.

Smartass: Oh, I was told it was.

Bored Cop: By who?

Smartass: Another Cop I asked the same question to, over a year ago or so. It's fine though I'll take it down right now. *Takes it down*

Bored Cop: Ok, license, registration and proof of insurance please.

Smartass: *Complies*

As the Cop walks away out of earshot, and without missing a beat, my girlfriend makes the day a whole lot better:

Girlfriend: Sir, are you aware that I have the goofiest-looking mustache on? (**Cop had a gnarly mustache**)

I started cracking up.

The Cop stands around for a while as cars pass by and starts writing up my ticket. A bit later, I see the SLK crowd drive on by and the Cop stares all of them down. He continues writing the ticket, waits for probably another 5 minutes after handing me my ticket (I sat there waiting too,) before heading off. He heads back up to the direction of the SLK crew. I head back down the other way, flip a U turn and come back up only to see him come back down. I found the SLK crew and we had a nice chat.

After that, Barbeque at Drakon's place and MAN that was a blast. We all ate some AMAZING food, got stuffed (some more than others... UGH *blah*....) and played monopoly.

It was a long game, but in the end, after a huge gamble by Pablo (Bleen) he ended up winning the game due to time out. I can't quite recollect all the events because it was all a blur, but one heck of a fun blur.

All in all, can't wait to see you guys again. Looking forward to June 5th

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Thanks for the write up and sorry we couldn't stay. On the last meet with the mbjunkies crew I told Annisa I could get her back by noonish as she had other plans (and of course we ended up being about 2 hours late), so for this meet I wanted to try and leave on time :)

Sucks about the cop, and I wish I could have made Edwards bbq.

Anyways great seeing you again Edward as well as all the regulars. Next time! :)
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