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Hi all Ive been noticing that when I'm idling at a stop light or parked, the temp in my car runs a little hot. Just above 80c and nearly halfway between the 80c notch and the notch separating 80 and 120c I've heard this is a normal quirk for the r170 v6 but I want to be sure before I dismiss it. When I start driving of course the temp gauge reads right at or just barely below 80c anyone able to give some insight on this please?

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On a hot day, after a good run, let the Car idle when hot and see if the Electric Fan Cuts in, it will start off slow, and not easy to hear.

They are controlled by a PWM Signal from ME ECU, and are programmed to cut in on slow speed at above normal running temp, so it isn't constantly cutting in / out, as are most Cars Cooling Fans.

If temp rises further on MB, the Fan increases in speed incrementally with reference to ECT :wink:

HTH, Cheers Dave

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Has yours always done that? I'm thinking it might be a quick with these model slks since I just topped off the radiator and it still does it
Thermostat opens @ 87掳 so temp anywhere from 85掳-115掳 (weather and forward velocity depending) would appear to be bang on the money, I wouldn't worry about it.

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Some car manufacturers calibrate their temp gauges to read 1/4 or 鈥渘ormal鈥 or at the first mark above cold,
to convince drivers the cooling system keeps the temp the same always, when in fact it can鈥檛.
They then only let the needle move up when the car is really hot. Turning the temp gauge effectively into an 鈥榠diot鈥 light.
It can be argued this is good as drivers don鈥檛 worry.

The R170 seems to read true, so it can be a surprise to see it getting warmer some days reading higher and slow to warm up on very cold days.
What does the manual say?

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Thank you everybody for the great feedback. It's all greatly appreciated! I will be consulting the owner's manual and reading up on everything little by little.
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