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Sadly having 2 children means that our SLK has been relegated to fun local trips for either myself or wifey but very rarely both however this weekend gone they were both at a camp together so we took advantage, packed the SLK up and headed to the peak district, mainly for the roads obviously! Glad to say the SLK's boot was just about adequate and we got a long weekend's worth of stuff in it. We could have got more but I wanted to have the roof down so the slightly annoying divider that I always leave in the wrong position had to be down! The car also performed flawlessly, wasn't sure about doing a long(ish) journey in the SLK but it was actually really comfortable and even being on the motorway at *ahem* 70mph was fine. It even managed 32mpg on the trip up which I was very impressed with.

A few weeks ago I fitted a dashcam which caught this rather interesting incident on the way back.

Basically at a set of lights the van in the video was revving and nudging forward obviously wanting to take us on! Obviously the SLK didn't even break a sweat leaving him far behind however I don't think he liked being beaten by a woman and so did that......moron!

Other then that really good trip in the car, after over a year I'm still really happy with it, it's easily the most reliable 15 year old car I've ever owned :smile:
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